Kandi Electric Vehicle China

Kandi launching EV vending machines in Shanghai

Kandi Electric Vehicle China

China’s Kandi Technologies (KT) has revealed plans to launch its electric car sharing scheme in Shanghai. The company aims to launch a pilot project in Jinshan District and has ambitious plans to roll-out 3,000-5,000 of its electric vehicles (EV) across Shanghai by the end of 2014.

Kandi’s car sharing scheme uses a similar model to Zipcar and was introduced  in Hangzhou earlier this year. The system comprises a range of multi-story garages located around the city, each holding 30-300 EVs. The garages have been nicknamed “electric car vending machines” by many due to the automated way in which the vehicles are delivered to customers.

In Hangzhou, customers pay around $3.25 per hour for the cars, which have a top speed of 50mph and a driving range of around 75 miles per charge. Kandi makes the EVs with manufacturing partner Geely Automobile. The pair recently set up a factory in Shanghai.

Kandi factory Shanghai Electric vehicle

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